The largest indoor market in the North of the Netherlands

The World bazar

The largest indoor market in the North of the Netherlands

An indoor market with 42.000 m2 of floor space: a world of products within reach. Oriental spices and kaftans. Nail and sewing studios. Shop after shop can be found at this charming market of all trades. More than 550 businesses are waiting for you with their products and advice. You can also enjoy a snack or something sweet to eat in one of the ten catering establishments, like truly Dutch food or delicious exotic bites. Tea and coffee are available for 1 euro. You do not have to pay any admission or parking fees: this charming market should be accessible for all budgets. The money you normally spend on admission you now can spend on the market. The project is similar to the “Eastern Market” of the (Beverwijk) Bazaar. A leisure function. The economy system is the same, but in this project the emphasis will be on creating jobs and reinforcing the existing Facilities.

The established shopkeepers who rent a unit for a fair price, are selling cultural and local products. Looking, buying, searching and finding, make your day off a true shopping celebration. If you do not find what you are looking for? Winschoten is just a few steps away and easily accessible by shuttle bus, water taxi, bicycle or by foot. This project creates jobs, and is interesting for Small and Medium Businesses. It strengthens the region, supports charities, and also offers a nice daytrip with actively promoting share arrangements.


To make the project accessible and to avoid traffic problems, a shuttle service will be established that will bring visitors from the surrounding cities to the indoor market. For 5 euros you buy a return ticket. Examples of sites are Delfzijl, Groningen, Appingedam, Assen, Emmen, Drachten, Stadskanaal. This also provides additional jobs.


This project is for the general public and for individuals that need a job. Long-term unemployed, disabled people, people with low education who have little prospect of a job, are especially invited.

550 direct jobs

The “Wereldbazar OG b.v.” will create more than 550 jobs with both projects. The Winschoter World bazar itself needs 69 people (44 FTEs) and other jobs will be transferred to the “Wereldbazar Horeca bv” and “Taxi Centrale Reiderland”. The project World Spa Hotel is creating more than 350 jobs.

More than 250 indirect jobs

In addition, indirect jobs will be created because existing entrepreneurs, who establish themselves within the indoor market, cannot be at two places at once with the same people. The entrepreneurs who establish and rent cheap floor units can significantly increase their market and make more sales. They will have to work in the existing company and the indoor market. Furthermore, there is the construction and other indirect employment as suppliers, wholesalers and the growth of the economy in North East Groningen.

Food banks

Food banks have little fresh products which they can offer. The entrepreneurs who sell food or fresh food products can work together and consider purchasing the rest products at the end of the week at a special rate. The World bazar will make them available to the food banks in the province of Groningen.

Integration and acceptance

This aspect will be contributed to, because there are people from all walks of life, from all income levels and from different cultures getting in touch with each other in a nice way to enjoy a beautiful day together.


The plan will be implemented according to the latest findings and movements of the ‘cradle to cradle’ principle. Economic space layout with landscape integration will provide a wonderful vegetation and will beautifully blend into the surroundings. Thus, the building with a parking level on the ground floor will be partially buried and on top of the large roof there will be extensive vegetation and solar collectors.

SME friendly

The indoor market will have a strengthening effect on the existing regional facilities structure, mainly because cultural and local products are sold. There will be no big chain stores or factory outlets at the World bazar, so most of the profit stays in the region. However, the World bazar offers the existing entrepreneurs from Winschoten the chance to benefit the concept. Especially the small businesses can benefit greatly from the economic scale. That will help them to stay alive in these hard times. Maintaining their own company in Winschoten, they can cheaply rent additional sales location, with a huge market effect. So it will provide additional turnover, which in turn will generate more jobs. Local business owners hire with priority. Entrepreneurs can come to us with their ideas, questions or requests. Please do contact us!

Explanation over market segments:

No competition

The World bazar attracts visitors from a completely different segment: the ‘Intensive leisure’ segment.

The World bazar attracts every weekend 14.000 visitors. This flow of visitors will strengthen the recreational shopping in Winschoten at the weekend; which belongs to the ‘Extensive leisure’ segment. Combination packages are promoted actively. A part of the day in Winschoten in combination with a visit to the World bazar.