The largest indoor market in the North of the Netherlands


In September 2015 the City of Oldambt approved to a coordination scheme. This allows the plan to be quickly brought back in procedure after the Council of State rejected the plan in June 2015 because of a procedural error on the part of the Province of Groningen.

In December 2015 we received the building permit. In January 2016 the Association of Commerce and Industry Winschoten and Carillon Foundation objected to the plan and attempts have been made through a preliminary injunction to stop construction.

In mid-April 2016, the judge has the “Wereldbazar OG b.v.” vindicated and we have taken an advance on the still ongoing substantive proceedings. One of these days we expect the ruling with confidence. We hope that de construction will proceed smoothly and have allocated 14 months for this. Finally, we can realize the employment and spin-off that we envisioned in the municipality Oldambt where it is most necessary.

We would like to see all parties around the table to establish how everyone can best profit from the visitor flows which we will generate. Indeed, we think that this can mean “fresh blood for the Winschoter circulation”.


The planned opening will be in spring 2018.

On December 16, 2014 the environmental permit was requested.

Council decision

On 27-11-2013, the City Council of Oldambt made the council decision on the zoning plan ‘The World Bazar Winschoten’.

The Province has granted dispensation:
Dispensation from the Provincial Regulation off the Province of Groningen World bazar June 3, 2013


In 2010, trade and industry off Winschoten requests in writing to the council that the project “World Bazar” located in Winschoten is allowed to be located in Winschoten because of its magnetic effect.

The College of Oldambt shows willingness to cooperate. In 2010 the college claims that the project fits within its  future vision and indicates that the project can be ranged under the target “dynamic starters and pioneer economy through flexibilisation of regulations”. Together, we assessed how we could settle this structure reinforcing project the best in the municipality of Oldambt. The end of that same year, the Provincial Executive of the province of Groningen decides on the World bazar.

In June 2013 the College approved the urban design jointly with provincial and municipal. The zoning plan is available for inspection from August 1, and the response memorandum has been prepared. On 12 November 2013, the Council’s proposal for adoption by the Committee Board ‘Resources and Space’ offered and on November 27, 2013 to the Board.

Published (Publicatie) in Government Gazette 31-07-2013


The college decision February 26, 2013 (Paraffin decision under 2)   Het college besluit 26 februari 2013

The college decision March 5, 2013 (Section B: Paraffin decision February 26, 2013 in accordance with resolutions)   Het college besluit 5 maart 2013

The college decision World Bazar from June 19, 2012   Het college besluit De Wereldbazar

The council decision of September26, 2012   Het raadsbesluit

Decision of the GS on the World bazar Dec 23, 2010   Besluit GS over de Wereldbazar 

Dispensation from the Provincial Regulation off the Province of Groningen World bazar from June 3, 2013

Information evening 27-03-2013
Presentation World Bazar   Presentatie Wereldbazar 
Presentation municipality Oldambt   Presentatie gemeente Oldambt