The largest indoor market in the North of the Netherlands

Arrangements / Package Deals

Winschoten has a unique location along the water and would like to present itself as the “recreational shopping and water city Winschoten”. The centre of Winschoten is cosy, friendly and touristic. The shops are experienced as ‘exclusive’. The World bazar will attract huge numbers of visitors from the Leisure segment. People who consciously go for a day out to have a nice time.

These types of touristic attractions are an interesting destination for tour operators. They always try to offer a full-day program. The surrounding hospitality industry will also benefit by providing lunches when working together with tour operators.

It is the intention to stay for half a day in Winschoten combined with half a day Winschoter World bazar. By actively guiding groups of visitors from the World bazar into Winschoten, you create a solid reinforcing economic impact on the shopping centre.

Toeristisch recreatief combinatie bezoek

Oldambt Municipality provides a home to many artists and a variety of cultural activities. By organizing some arrangements, a strong reinforcing effect will be achieved on these social cultural facilities. These include a half-day trip to an art exhibition, glassworks, etc.

In addition, the indoor market will establish a physical office where Package Deals can be booked. This will be situated at the entrance off the indoor market. This platform counter is called ‘arrangements’. Here, hospitality, arts, commerce & industry and tour operators can meet each other to make appointments.

Arrangements including half a day indoor market can be combined with a session:

  • Winschoten (Rosarium)
  • Art Route
  • Fortress Museum
  • Old Remise,
  • Blue city

This list can be extended endlessly …………………

If you are an artist and you want to join the art route connecting the indoor market and Bad Nieuweschans, please register via the contact form or email:
The indoor market has a surface of approximately 21.000 m2, with quite a few walls that can be used for an exhibition.

Tour operators
If you are a (small) tour operator and you would like to receive information about the possible discounts and offers for groups, or information about surrounding attractions, sights or affiliated hospitality businesses that can provide lunches, in order to make an attractive arrangement, please use the contact form for registration or mail:

Lunches in the neighbourhood
Do you have a hospitality industry in the municipality Oldambt or surroundings and you would like to arrange lunch or dinner for one of the packages, please use the contact form for registration or mail:

Original transport
Do you have a horse tram or another original form of transport and would like to move people from the indoor market to the city centre, please use the contact form for registration or mail: